AVL Group of Companies is committed to the safety and health of all its workers. We create a culture where workers do not fear reporting any incident. We welcome incident reporting and ensure all levels of management acknowledge any incident occurred. The Company is committed to ensuring every worker returns home safe every day! H.S.E is a fundamental part of the AVL Groups business at all levels of our operations. We know our future business growth depends on the health safety and well being of our workers. HSE will strive to meet and exceed our targets and industry standards.

To accomplish this we will:

  • Identify hazards, assess and put controls in place to reduce/eliminate potential injury
  • Maintain an environment free from workplace violence and harassment
  • Investigate all incident reports for root cause and apply necessary corrective action
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensure workers wellness is part of our program
  • Continuous training and education to workers
  • Celebrate and promote our HSE milestones

AVL Health and Safety Committment
AVL Group of Companies
243 Queen Street North
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3N6
Toll Free: 1-877-551-7697
Tel.: 905-545-7660
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