Integrated • Mobile • Customized

Integrated within a standard ISO container or mobile trailer option, the ONEPOWER system can be designed for specific remote enduse applications. ONEPOWER utilizes a single on-board genset to energize all equipment PODs. The single genset works at higher rated load efficiency, due to the power requirements of all PODs in operation.

All PODs are tethered to the container or trailer for power, and can operate internally or externally up to 150’ away. In addition, an on-board variable voltage distribution board may be used for operating external power equipment, such as tools and lighting. The ONEPOWER system is scalable in order to meet on-site demands for equipment and auxiliary power. The interchangeable and customized equipment PODs provide the end user with the flexibility to re-configure and re-purpose ONEPOWER for a new task when required.

Manufactured with NSF certified components, ONEPOWER’s mobile water purification and water packaging system provides emergency workers a “First Response Water System” that is fully equipped to purify and package water. ONEPOWER purifies water to the highest level of potable quality. All ONEPOWER water systems are mobile and can be designed to purify multiple types of water conditions.

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